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Home Improvement Projects with the Best ROI

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Not all home improvement projects are created equal Trying to figure out which home improvement projects will ...

Working from home? 5 tips to make your home office more efficient

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Call it what you will — working from home, remote work or telecommuting – it wasn’t that long ago that.....

Cabin fever got you down? Transform your home, transform your mood

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Covid-19 has created a strange environment of cabin fever. We have been asked to stay inside, not to meet up.....

Summer is on the way: Is your home ready? Summer maintenance tips 101.

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Isn’t the internet amazing? The answer to just about any question you may have can be found with just a...

Can I afford to buy a house?

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It typically starts as a fleeting thought – in and out of your brain before you can really grasp it....

The 3 most popular vegetables to grow in a pandemic garden

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“Sow the Seeds of Victory” was a phrase familiar to all Americans in early spring of 1917. They hadn’t y...

Spring and summer gardening for Vancouver condo dwellers

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There’s no need to pity your condo-dwelling, green thumber friends – where there is even a tiny space, the...

Tips to get rid of kitchen clutter

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The junk drawer. Love it or hate it, most of us have one and most of the time it’s in...


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