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Moving? How to make it stress-free for your pets

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Nearly 60% of Canadian households include a pet. We all know that moving from one home to another can be...

How to maintain healthy air quality in the home

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For the past few months, we’ve been admonished to “stay home” or “shelter in place” to keep ourselve...

Interested in a Stock Tip and 100% returns?

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I know, this is supposed to be about Real Estate! Let’s change it up and talk about stocks this week....

Don’t make these 5 common home staging mistakes

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Although DIY home staging may seem an easy project, we see several common mistakes when homeowners make the at...

The 3 most popular vegetables to grow in a pandemic garden

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“Sow the Seeds of Victory” was a phrase familiar to all Americans in early spring of 1917. They hadn’t y...

Spring and summer gardening for Vancouver condo dwellers

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There’s no need to pity your condo-dwelling, green thumber friends – where there is even a tiny space, the...

Check out the Top 10 most expensive homes listed in Vancouver

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10 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Vancouver Right Now BEHOLD: Top 10 most impressive, most AWESOME...

Alternative Living in Vancouver

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So you moved to Vancouver because friends told you about it, you always wanted to visit, or, you travelled her...

The Most Expensive Condos in Vancouver

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So you want to see how the other half lives 😉 Check out these Condos for Sale in Vancouver. Let...


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