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Get started with smart home technology

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Whether itโ€™s trying to remember to turn on the porch light at night or the constant fiddling with the thermo...

3 easy ways to live a greener life in Vancouver

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Green โ€“ a word that can indicate envy or inexperience, it can conjure up a frog named Kermit, or immature...

Donโ€™t-miss spots to tackle Kitsilano during spring cleaning

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One year ago, on March 20, 2020, Covid cases were starting in BC and the US/Canada border was being closed...

On the cheap: Spruce up your Vancouver home this spring

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Although the pandemic will be the chief reason that 2020 will go down in history as one crazy year, it...

Moving to Vancouver and thinking about renting an Apartment, What You Need to Know.

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I get a lot of interest from people who come to our website and are thinking of renting. Unfortunately, I...

Thinking of Renovating? Me too! Let’s have a look at our Kitsilano reno, and ho...

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You might be thinking of doing a renovation. You’ve lived in your home for a while and it’s time t...

5 ways to pay less for your Vancouver appliances

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Have you priced new appliances recently? First, theyโ€™re all over the map, with some dealers offering far les...

Feeling SAD? Maximize the light in your home

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Ok Vancouver, feeling a little gloomy these days. The rain has arrived and Mr. Blue Sky is nowhere to be...

3 Germ-ridden items in the home that few people ever clean

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**Please note, disturbing content below** COVID-19 has made most of us hyper-aware of germs and viruses. We ha...


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