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Selling your home? What to look for in a listing agent

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When you want to sell your home, don’t bother asking Alexa because when we asked Google how to find a...

Tips for Sellers – Why You Need A Professional Video 🎥

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We are just starting the 2nd wave of Covid in Vancouver. Compared to the rest of the country, we are...

Spiff up your home’s landscaping for an Autumn sale

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How does an extra 5 to 11% of your home’s selling price sound? Researchers found that “… a good landscap...

The Best Ways to Get a Shine on a Laminate Floor

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It’s difficult to believe when looking at it, but a laminate floor is actually just a photograph of wood. Th...

How to Cover a Hole Left By Removing Recessed Lighting

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Recessed lighting is a popular lighting method in new residential construction. Lying flush to the ceiling, it...

Easy ways to update your kitchen and wow homebuyers

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Home décor and design trends come and go from one year to the next. It’s a challenge to keep up...

Hate your home? Check out 5 inexpensive ways to cure that

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Who knew that it would take a pandemic and being forced to remain in your home all of the time...

Curb appeal—it’s what sells a home

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Marketing is vitally important to getting your home sold quickly. Without effective marketing not only may it ...

Moving? How to make it stress-free for your pets

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Nearly 60% of Canadian households include a pet. We all know that moving from one home to another can be...


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