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3 Inexpensive (and Fast) Upgrades for Your Condo

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We’re willing to bet that your single-family-home-owning friends are a bit envious of your condo-living life...

Autumn: the perfect time to whip that mudroom into shape

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Folks who live in areas of the country with wild winter weather use a vocabulary that sounds like a foreign...

Asbestos: Does your Kitsilano home have it?

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The word “asbestos” strikes terror into the ears of homeowners. It sounds like a big problem, and it often...

Should we renovate or remodel our home in Kitsilano before selling?

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One of the most common questions we hear from our listing clients is whether or not they should renovate or...

Selling in a Buyer’s Market in Kitsilano – what you need to know…

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So you are thinking of selling your home. All you hear on the news these days is the market is...

Home Improvement Projects with the Best ROI

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Not all home improvement projects are created equal Trying to figure out which home improvement projects will ...

Is your home smarter than you Kits? It could be.

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Have you ever stocked up on groceries for a week’s worth of recipes and then forgot which of them you’d...

Tips to help you paint like a pro Kitsilano home owners

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Paint is the miracle cure for a home that needs freshening. It not only adds colour, but, if the colour...

Should I sell my Kits home as-is?

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Ah, the need for speed in a real estate deal – we’re quite familiar with it. From clients who’ve taken.....


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