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Thinking of Renovating, Me Too, the Long Awaited Finale

We Love Kits

Well, for those of you old enough to remember the series Dallas, this cliffhanger was longer than the wait we....

Renovating for Maximum Profit: What Vancouver Buyers Love

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When it comes to real estate, one of the primary goals for sellers is to maximize their profits. To achieve...

Alternatives to granite kitchen countertops

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Thinking of upgrading the kitchen countertops in your home? While granite is still quite popular, several othe...

Induction cooktops vs Gas, which one is better Kits?

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When a homeowner needs a new range (or stove, whichever you choose to call it), he or she typically buys...

Dreaming of a gourmet kitchen Vancouver?

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Ask any architect to define a gourmet kitchen and youโ€™ll likely get a definition that goes somewhat like thi...

Big ideas for a Vancouver small bathroom โ€œremodelโ€ on a dime

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Large-bathroom envy. Itโ€™s common among homeowners in small homes with cramped bathrooms and most feel that t...

Does flooring have an impact on your Vancouver homeโ€™s value?

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Remember when carpeting, especially Berber carpets, was all the rage? Today it still has its fans, but itโ€™s ...

Clogged drains Kits? Check out these DIY fixes!

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Itโ€™s probably happened to all of us. While washing your hands in the bathroom the sink begins filling and fi...

๐Ÿ  House feeling a bit cramped?

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When the house is full of friends and family visiting over the summer, any home can feel a little smaller...


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