Should I downsize? Why you should consider Kitsilano!

We Love Kits
We Love Kits
Published on November 23, 2019

So you’ve started thinking about downsizing and what’s next. Maybe you are just getting tired of all the time and effort required to maintain the place. If you are moving out of a big house and the kids are gone, you have a few options to consider.

The first question you have to ask yourself is, are you ready to give up the yard and the house? Do you like gardening, being able to walk out of the front door?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then perhaps you should consider a townhouse or a condo unit in a duplex or triplex. Kitsilano has an abundance of these types of properties. The prices range from a low of about $700K to upwards of $2 Million. See below:

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Now perhaps the gardening and maintenance have run its course. You are ready to lock the door and not look back.

Then perhaps a Condo is a better option for you. Let someone else look after the maintenance while you have fun, sounds good, doesn’t it. If you are a snowbird then again this is a great option. You can lock the door and take off down south, or over to Hawaii for the winter. The only thing you have to worry about is the dust when you get back!

Kitsilano has a number of options available to you. We have new, we have old. The older Condo’s have character, and because they were built in the late 80s, 90s, they tend to have more square footage than newer units. The price ranges from a low of $450K for a 1 bedroom to upwards of $3 Million. You decide!

Kitsilano Homes and Condos for sale
Kitsilano Beach

The number one reason for downsizing in Kitsilano is the neighbourhood. If you like to walk, then you can get out and walk everywhere. Downtown from my front door takes me 15-20 minutes – walking! I like to walk fast though. You can easily hop on the bus on Cornwall, or 4th or West Broadway, many options to get you around the town.

In Kitsilano itself, you can leave the car parked. Walk out the door and within minutes you are walking along 4th or the West Broadway shopping corridor. Restaurants, Grocery Stores and great shopping at your doorstep.

If you prefer nature to shopping, head down to Kits beach and follow the seawall along the ocean to Granville Market. Another shopping option within walking distance. Or head out along the Arbutus Greenway. A great spot to walk, run or ride a bike. Or hop on the bike and take a ride over to Stanley Park, 20-30 minutes away.

Kitsilano Pool

I like to swim. We have one of the largest outdoor pools in our backyard. Sadly it’s closed for the season but it will be open again soon. Nothing better than swimming outside while looking at the mountains!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, come over and have a look for yourself. In my mind, it’s the best neighbourhood in the City. It has so much to offer and you really don’t need a car. Walking or transit is the best option. Everything is minutes away and incredibly convenient.

Thinking of making a move. Consider Kitsilano and give me a call and we can find you your next destination, right next to the beach πŸ™‚ You can reach me at 778-228-2448 or by email, [email protected]

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