Valentine’s Day Contest in “Kits” Anyone ?

We Love Kits
We Love Kits
Published on February 5, 2019

Hey Kitsilano, it’s almost time. What have you planned for Valentine’s Day this year ?

How about we do a poll and see what people are doing this year. Of course, what’s the point of doing a poll without giving away some fun prizes…So fun prizes it is !

We have added some images of Valentine’s Day favourites. Click on your favourite to win. We will tally the results and report back after the big day.

So let’s start with this familiar favourite below:


Chocolate anyone ? Now do you know why Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. You have to go back to England and the rule of Queen Victoria. So the Victorian’s would shower their significant others with cupid themed gifts.

Some well known Chocolatiers came up with the process of extracting pure cacao butter from whole cacao beans to create a more desirable form of drinking chocolate. This process resulted in an excess of cacao butter, which was used to produce more varieties of what was then called eating chocolate.

Well, what to do with the extra ? Package it in heard shaped boxes and voila, Valentine’s Day and Chocolate are now inseparable.


Dinner anyone ? We are so spoiled in Kitsilano. Does anyone know how many restaurants we have in Kits ? I just looked it up and I came up with 48, but I’m thinking we have more than that.

Anyways, that gives all of you 48 Valentine’s Days to sample each and every one. Have fun !!


Now Valentine’s Day is a very busy day. Who likes to just have a nice home cooked dinner at home instead ? Perhaps saving that night out for one that isn’t quite as busy.


Popcorn ! No, I’m not saying you should buy popcorn. But for those of you that want to go out on the town, perhaps a great movie at the 5th Avenue Cinemas. Plus they serve alcohol, what more could you ask for after a stressful day !

So many choices, I think I will limit your selection to the 4 above. Have a great Valentine’s day Kits and good luck !! Contest closes on Feb 14th.

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