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Published on March 21, 2019
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I wanted to give you an example of why you might want to list your property with our team.

I don’t want to give away all of our secrets up front. But, we don’t believe in cutting corners. We believe in hiring professionals for photography, and for video. We won’t be showing up at your property with our iPhone at the ready. And yes, video presentation of your property is included with all of our listings.

Why video you ask ? Why not just go with great quality pictures. That’s a great question. Real estate relies heavily on visual cues. Video gives the buyer the feeling of moving through the home, and is far more descriptive of the space than still images can ever hope to be. Real estate video marketing conveys information effortlessly and quickly.

Viewers can see how rooms and spaces connect, and get a feel for the flow of the house and property. Video is also a great way to show accurate room size and home features.

Still wondering why we like to use Video for our clients ? Here is why. Did you know that most online searches originate with Google. Did you know that YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine behind Google.

Did you know that Google purchased YouTube ! If your website is properly optimized and includes videos, you’re 57% more likely to show up on page 1 of Google search results. Higher search result rankings mean more home buyers finding your listings.

More listing views means more offers, and more offers makes for happier clients. Not convinced, ok, go back to the Realtor who just takes still photo’s. Hopefully not with their iPhone !

Our target market is online, so is yours. Studies show that the average visitor spends 48 seconds on a website. That increases to over 5 minutes when the website includes a fabulous relevant video. When you’re marketing a home, we make it easy, and show the buyer what they want to see, your home.

This is an example of what we like our finished product to look like. This was for my property in Toronto. I hired a professional. I requested a video tour and Drone video because we had a large property, and I wanted it to stand out relative to the other properties in the neighbourhood. Guess what, it did, and it sold in 4 days ! Contact us to learn more. Click on the link below to view:

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