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I know what you are thinking, because I have thought the same thing. Why should I use a Realtor. All they do is put a sign on my lawn, post pictures taken with a cell phone on an internet website and voila, put up the sold sign. And some realtors sadly follow that strategy.

That’s not the strategy we take otherwise I wouldn’t be in this business. It’s about establishing trusting, lasting relationships, having some fun along the way, and finding a great property that you will love. And having some fun along the way !!

Some clients want something new and shiny, you pay more for that one. Some clients are willing to wait for that hidden gem. The one that no one else wants because it’s dirty, or doesn’t have marble floors, or granite countertops. But, for those that don’t like to follow, those are the properties that will make you more money on your investment.

But, we will leave that discussion for another day. Right not let’s talk about why you should be using a realtor, a good one !

(1) Fiduciary Duty. Have you heard this mentioned before. You should because it’s important.

So as your Realtor, we have to function under certain legally mandated duties called fiduciary duties, acting in the best interests of the client.

Fiduciary duties vary, but one example common to all is “confidentiality” of the client’s information. In a fiduciary capacity, it is the duty of the real estate agent or broker to protect the clients’ privacy and keep all information confidential.

So, let me give you an example. A friend was selling his house because of a divorce. During the open house the Realtor thought he could generate more interest by disclosing why the couple were selling their home. So do you think this Realtor was acting in the best interest of his client ?

(2) Privacy & Confidentiality. Did you know that if we are working with a client, a term call designated agency. We can’t disclose confidential information concerning a client to another Realtor in our Brokerage, or another Brokerage.

Any such disclosure by our team to another licensee, would prevent the other agent from acting on the transaction involving you. In other words, they couldn’t bring a buyer to the table because they would know information about the transaction that could weaken our clients position.

So if you are working with our team, what this means is we are not able to work with a buyer who would want to buy your property. In the past this was possible. I’m not sure why because it’s a conflict of interest in my mind, but it was allowed.

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